Stallion Directory

Performance records are of utmost importance in the selection of breeding stock for production of sport horses. All the Morgan stallions listed in this directory have either established a sport performance record themselves, or have produced progeny that have, or have accomplished both.

Given the exceptional versatility of the Morgan, the performance records come from a diverse array of equine sports to include eventing, dressage and western dressage, combined driving, endurance and competitive trail, working equitation, western working sports such as reining and more. Some of the listed stallions have noteworthy performance records in more than one sport discipline. And, some have progeny who are competing in several different sports.

Please download and fill out a STALLION DIRECTORY APPLICATION form (it is a fillable .pdf) to apply for a free listing.  A stallion is eligible if he or his progeny have a record in sport.  Please contact us with questions.


Gladheart Black Harris (DJJJ Ebony Gold x Rogue’s Midnight Melody)

Harwich Attila (Harwich Tyrant x TOV Cristina Caminos)

Primal Thunder (JLH Bellasarius x The Cat’s Eye)

ToRoy Golden McClintock (Remington Royal x ToRoy Memory Golden Miss)

Whippoorwill Aristocrat (Whippoorwill Skylark x Whippoorwill Corona)

Whippoorwill King Jubilee (Whippoorwill Talisman x Miss Terrific)

Wintergreen Beaufort (HVK Santana x Kerry B Spangled)


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