Dedicated to the Promotion and Improvement of Morgans in Sport 

The Morgan Sport Resource (MSR) is dedicated to the improvement and promotion of the Morgan Horse for sport. The principal goal of the MSR is to collect, summarize and report performance data for Morgans that are competing (or have competed) and it is a freely available resource for breeders, competitors and anyone interested in Morgans as a sport horse.

The MSR is unique within the Morgan community both in its mission and in its focus. It covers a diverse array of disciplines–a reflection of the versatility of the Morgan breed. It is our belief that performance records help to identify sources of athletic excellence within the breed, which is essential information to those breeding Morgans for sport and important to those in the market for a Morgan sport horse or Morgan sport breeding stock.

The Morgan Horse has long been acclaimed for its versatility. We believe that it is through the sport disciplines that the range of athletic skills underlying this versatility will be best maintained within the breed.

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